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Tobago Rock Lobster review by Trinispices

Tobago Rock Lobster

Taste: 8/10

Difficulty in cooking: 4/10

Recently I had the pleasure of trying a rock lobster caught off the coast of Tobago. I must say it was much better than I anticipated. The flesh was sweet and meaty and cooking was relatively easy.

Lobster isn't something we frequently cook in Trinidad. Shrimp and crab tend to be our shellfish of choice, as evident in the popularity of crab and dumpling and curried shrimp for example. Those are recipe ideas for another day...

Rock lobster or spiny lobster differ from the true lobster we know by their long antennae and lack of claws. These lobsters are typically found in warm waters such as those in the Caribbean and South America and tend to live in coral or hide between rocks. They are actually the biggest food export from the Bahamas.

In comparison to the most prized lobster, the Maine lobster, which is a true lobster the flesh of the Rock lobster has been described as being drier and less flavorful. However, from my ex…

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